Emoji Pics - Reverse Proxy

  • I have an install on a raspberry pi....

    I know about changing the domain name to include the port number.

    This fixes the emoji issue but creates an issue with the password reset email.

    Is there anyway to change the emoji plugin to a fixed directory for the pics.

    Or do I have no way around using a reverse proxy?

  • @Phate did you resolve this?

  • @codecowboy

    Not exactly.

    Ended up using the correct port number to keep emoji working.

    I switched the way emails are sent.

    I was using local emailer but couldn't get it to play nice.

  • My forum hasn't gotten big enough to worry about password reset emails so I'm not sure it's working. Have to double check.

    Crap. Not enough rep to double post.

    Some rep please lol

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