Our major website using NodeBB - thanks to your developers.

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    Hello all,

    Just wanted to chime in and give a big thank you to the developers who have worked on NodeBB to bring forum communities up to date with the modern world... the responsiveness, speed and integrated features out of the box are wonderful and it really feels clean and modern compared to all the antiquated old PHP based software.

    Just letting you all know we will be using NodeBB as the base for our "Community" section launching at ExperienceOz; we are a fairly large tour/activities aggregator in Australia / New Zealand and I've been pushing management to integrate a forum as we have staff answering a million of the same questions over the phones again and again and they're conducive to being online content to refer customers to.

    We've only just started populating and styling the forum, and I know that people are always looking on here for live examples of "who is using NodeBB" etc. Ours is at https://community.experienceoz.com.au for those who want to check it out; we are still playing around with plugins and may have our in-house developers come up with some custom plugins we can share with the community in future.

    We are aiming to launch it to our customer base in a month or so once things are customised and styled properly; luckily we have a large subscriber database and Facebook community to pull in from the get-go so hopefully won't have to go through too many of the growing pains associated with a fresh forum.

    I'd like more gamification integrated to make it more than "just a forum" where we can incentivise customers to return, refer friends, reward top contributors etc. but that will come in time.

    Anyway, just wanted to say that the hard work of all those who have contributed to NodeBB is greatly appreciated - keep up the good work 🙂

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    Awesome. Once you're all done give us a shout and we will share your site on our twitter / FB feeds etc 🙂

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    @ExperienceOz Very cool! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Using a forum is definitely one of the easiest ways to reduce the burden on customer support. It's also an amazing way to incentivise user-generated that pays dividends towards your brand's SEO value.

    One of these days I'll head over to Australia/NZ, and when that day comes, I'll check out your site first 😄

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