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    I'm trying to modify the shoutbox plugin a bit, so I can style own shouts differently. Therefore, I need the current users UID, so I can do something like

    if  (shout.fromuid === app.uid) {
      // add custom class in template

    Now I tried different variables which I saw at other points in the code (app.uid) or work in the developer console (app.user.uid) But they are both undefined.

    Any hints on how to get the UID?

    Disclaimer: I'm a noob with JS. But I learn, so bare with me 😄

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    Client side app.user.uid should be defined. Where are you trying to call it?

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    Inside of the client script... Anyway, I just restarted NodeBB and tried it again, it works fine now 🙂 Thank you!

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