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    @sharonyue we use dbsearch, the plugin bundled with every NodeBB installation 🙂

  • How to export as PDF all my forum?

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    We support data export to CSV on a user-by-user basis via the GDPR export tooling. Otherwise there's no easy way to translate all of NodeBB's data into a human-readable format, sorry.

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    What I see as beneficial is a core feature (or a plugin I supposed) that exposes the database (read-only -- either Redis or Mongodb) keys in such a way that an administrator could create his own search queries with desired results.

    I envision a picker of the thing that can be searched, a way to filter the results and then a picker on what fields should be displayed.

    Does something like this exist?


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    I work in an environment where there are two nodeBB instances : integration and production.

    Integration is where I've tested all features, graphic design, etc.

    My commmunity is now ready to go into production. I would like to dump all the configuration I've fine tuned in the config platform without the content, i.e. users and posts (which are all dummy, made for testing purpose).

    I've searched the nodeBB forum, and I've only found ways to dump the entire database (config AND content).

    This will also help me in the future: I would like to keep my integration platform to test new configurations and push them to the production once tested.

    Thanks for your help


  • Forum Backup

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    @pichalite thnx !