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    @tallship Some of the "temporal" may be mitigated via use of a bouncer, e.g. ZNC. Bouncers remain connected on per account/network and channel basis w/configurable scroll back buffers, e.g. 70 - 300 lines.

    ZNC is likely the best known ROSS bouncer. Cruises right along on even most minimally provisioned vm offered by this, that, or the other cloud provider of the day....

    Feel free to reach out for additional help.

    Have a groovy day, eh? 🐕 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴 🌴 🏖

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    You can use and, or by changing the match words option in advanced settings. Mongodb also supports some other options like "phpbb" -"nodebb" this would match topic titles that contain phpbb but not nodebb, example search

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    Hello everyone,

    Those who haven't cast their votes yet, now we have entered the last week of the voting.

    Simply, go to this link, and select NodeBB as Best Forum Software.


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    I work in an environment where there are two nodeBB instances : integration and production.

    Integration is where I've tested all features, graphic design, etc.

    My commmunity is now ready to go into production. I would like to dump all the configuration I've fine tuned in the config platform without the content, i.e. users and posts (which are all dummy, made for testing purpose).

    I've searched the nodeBB forum, and I've only found ways to dump the entire database (config AND content).

    This will also help me in the future: I would like to keep my integration platform to test new configurations and push them to the production once tested.

    Thanks for your help


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    Filtered channels and private conversations are a great approach, but I think NodeBB won't go that way in the future.
    So esoTalk is an alternative to NodeBB because it's also fast and comfortable to use.

    The combination with all the benefits of both would be the absolute best solution...