image uploaded but display too large

  • I installed latest code from main branch
    And I tried to upload a photo I take from phone. with about 2.1 mb size .ton is
    It is uploaded successfully as the topic content. But when it is displayed it is too large only a portion showing in the content.
    Any help advice is appreciated.

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    Is this happening on this forum? I thought @psychobunny & @julianlam fixed that issue with images in post content being too large. Try uploading same photo on this forum in the testing category.

  • I just uploaded the image on the test forum on this site. It display well.

    Is the code of this site from main branch or other branch?

    Which branch/latest should I use ?

    I will git pull to get the latest and try again.

    BTW which upload plug in is used on this site? I used imgur plugin.

  • @baris it works well on this can I get the same code version of this site? Thanks.

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    This site runs master from github with latest versions of the persona theme.

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