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  • hey guys,

    I just got an email about a new chat message containing an emoji and thought: This could get some improvements.

    The HTML-part: I think I should add a style for setting the width, height to 20px by hooking action:email.send and attaching it to the data.html. This seems to be easy.

    The plain-part: here's my question: how can I prevent emoji getting parsed at all? Or do I have to revert the parsed content?
    I guess within core sth. must be wrong since the whole post got html-parsed into the plain-part instead of being plain o_O

  • I've added some styles into html-part of emails now (emoji-extended 0.4.6).

    @julian Maybe the email.send hook should become a filter since you may want to edit mails before they get delivered (by another plugin). Within the action it's only possible synchronous (that's fine for my use-case).

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