HOOK for intercepting "Register user"

  • I want to be able to achieve the following feature : "When user registers AS A NEW USER to the NodeBB Site SUCCESSFULLY, I want to create a same user to some other appplication with same username and password".

    Query : Any HOOK that I can intercept to achieve this feature ? Also, can I get the username and password as part of parameters for that HOOK ?

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @Gauri-Padbidri You'll want to listen for the action:user.create hook, which is fired after a user is created successfully.

    It returns user data, including username, although for security purposes, it does not return the password.

  • Thanks Julian ! But, what if I want to somehow get the users entered password into that action hook ? Any thing I can do to get the password in the create User HOOK ?

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