Post count showing wrong in some situations after posting on 0.6.x

  • I have a strange bug 🙂

    Users who have more than 3000 (maybe the line 1000, but I didn't ask so many users, and users have been imported from our old forum to NodeBB) are seeing their post count updated wrong sometimes right after posting a comment to a topic.

    The wrong number is only shown right after the post and is corrected on any reload.


    I asked a couple of long time users, and it seems that the post number is their current post number / 1000 +1. And when testing one thread, it seems to grow by one if the user doesn't reload in between.

    It's not a real problem, more of a strange/funny bug.

    We run 0.6.x in a cluster setup (redis+mongo), if that has any impact.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Thanks @tekojo -- can you reprouce it here on this page? Also let us know reproduction steps, if any 😄

    Edit: Hah, that's actually a bit tougher than I thought, since we don't display post counts on this theme anymore :trollface:

  • This is fixed on latest master. Thanks for reporting.

  • @baris you seriously found something to fix based on that?
    Now I'm impressed.

    @julian I need to start spamming to get my post count to levels where I can reproduce here 🙂

  • Haha yeah it gave me enough info to where to look.

    It was essentialy this.

    var postcount = parseInt("1,000", 10) + 1; which results in 2 instead of 1001 😆

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