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  • Hey guys,

    I'm having a struggle here with my nginx/nodebb server here. I have configured my nginx server to proxy all connections to my localhost at port xxxx. The site it's working fine, no issues with connections or persistence, but when i check the browser's console i see this:


    So far i have not seen anything wrong beside this errors and of course, because of these, the check symbol (connection with server) is always popping on top bar.

    I used nodebb's official docs to configure nginx's proxy. Even with the Socket IO support parameters.

    I also have the latest version of nginx.

  • @limker Please let us know if you're using CloudFlare as a DNS provider (or another provider that doesn't allow WebSockets, possibly?)

  • Yes, in fact I'm using CloudFlare. Is that the problem?

  • Not necessarily, but you'll want to disable CloudFlare services on that subdomain, as CF does not proxy websockets properly.

    Switch over to grey clouds and you should be ok.

  • I switched over to grey clouds in my subdomain, same problem. @julian

    EDIT: correction. It's working. I'll make some test before close this topic. Thanks!

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