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  • Long thread pagination issues

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    @baris Fix it!!


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    I have a redactor composer plugin on my forum and it looks great and works perfectly when replying or in chat but when I try to actually make a new thread/post I get the error "Category does not exist".

    I'm an absolute normie with coding or any of this stuff and I'm doing my best to troubleshoot setting this thing up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    This is the plugin

    This is the tutorial I used to install nodebb initially

    Additionally I can't seem to get any other composer to work properly. Even the default composer plugins. Usually they will only work to post text alone but not even the preview function works. I'd love to have a redactor composer but at this point I'd probably take any basic composer if it would work.

    Thanks for any help in advance!

  • SEO issues

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    Regarding the duplicate/canonical URL issue. I'm really not sure what the right answer is. Maybe it's fine the way it is, maybe the canonical URL should be the expanded version (then the sitemap might change a lot causing other SEO issues). I just wanted to bring it up for discussion.

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    nice work,good idea

  • post count display error

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    Noticed today that when viewing a thread, sometimes the post count position doesn't load in properly like this postcount error.png It will display fine once you click it so it's not causing any functionality problems it;s just a tad odd.

    It only seems to happen when clicking a link through the unread section, if I load a thread by browsing the actual forum it seems to load in fine every time.