get v0.7.X dockerfile

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    @Doppy Forgot to mention you !

  • Cannot restore database

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    Unfortunately we cannot debug docker installs as that is a community contributed installation guide. Perhaps someone else here can help you out (e.g. @Ben-Lubar ?)

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    Yes I have already checked it. I have found a docker image created by @nopz, this one is up-to-date. But the official docker image in not! Maybe you (nodebb) should give access to a dockerfile to allow anyone to build a nodebb docker image. EDIT I found the dockerfile, and the problem about this outdated version here. It's outdated because the dockerfile build the image with the v0.5.x version :

    FROM centos:centos7 MAINTAINER NodeBB Docker Team <[email protected]> # install main packages: RUN yum -y update ; yum clean all RUN yum -y install epel-release tar ; yum clean all RUN yum -y install wget ; yum clean all RUN yum -y groupinstall "Development Tools" RUN yum -y install nodejs git ImageMagick npm RUN yum -y install openssl openssl-devel # clone nodebb and install it RUN cd /opt ; git clone -b v0.5.x nodebb RUN cd /opt/nodebb ; npm install # Create a nodebb volume VOLUME /opt/nodebb # Define a working directory WORKDIR /opt/nodebb # Expose ports EXPOSE 80 EXPOSE 443 EXPOSE 4567 CMD [ "node", "app.js" ]

    You should (NodeBB) update this dockerfile !

    End of the EDIT

    Now, with the nopz/nodebb image I just had a problem about plugin persistence. But the first installation is so much easier and automatic with just one docker.

    Thanks for your answer by the way 🙂

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    @Xiph Thank you so much for the reply!

    We're not actually pulling images from Docker Hub, as the default image out there seems to just pull an 0.5 branch. We're actually building the image from source using the Dockerfile that is included.

    The info you included will be super helpful in getting this going the way we want. We will not be posting these images publicly, for the exact reasons you mentioned above (i.e. secret).

    I'll probably be back with more questions though. 😃

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    @julian you are correct. Once again thank you for all the help on the IRC. I just got my forward set up. Getting everything geared up to announce to my community of followers that we are ready for registration.