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  • Hi NodeBB community,

    I've just found out about nodeBB a few days ago, I absolutely love the modern and fresh feel of your forum as well as the features that come with it. I'm considering moving a sizable facebook community to nodeBB for better organization and archive. My concern is that the level of participation may go down since...well, visiting a forum is much more of a hassle than just checking facebook. Most of my members are facebook goers rather than forum goers. This would not be a problem if we can write a plugin that integrates nodeBB into facebook, gives members notification of forum new posts and messages on facebook newsfeed page. Do you think such plugin is writeable?

    I am not a programmer, I would greatly appreciate anyone who can help me resolve this concern.

    Thank you a lot.

  • Hello @snowplum -- this is definitely doable, although it has been awhile since we worked with the Facebook API.

    If you're interested in a custom plugin to automatically post new topics to a specific facebook group, please get in touch with us at [email protected] and we can shoot you back a quick estimate 🙂

  • Is it even possible to integrate a plug in that posts to a 'group'

    I'm sure FB only allows posting to fan pages and walls.

    That being said, I know you can do 'Canvas' app for NodeBB on FB, but this only integrates with FB notifiactions
    On the Browser, where as you'll find most of the time they check FB via mobile. And FB mobile is not compatible with
    Canvas or any external FB notifications.

    So you are probably going to be disappointed with it's results.

    Also, on that note. I've found it susccefull for mobile users, using a push notification app. That notifies users on events.
    And when they are notified, it refers them back to your forum. via a webui Browser in the app.
    This works great with a Responsive design or a dedicated mobile browser.

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