SOLVED: Plugins do not stay when I activate them.

NodeBB Plugins

    On my admin page I can upgrade, install, and activate plugins, but once I do the required restart they go away and I must reinstall them all again. Am I do something wrong? Any help will be appreciated.

  • Looks like I have to reload after every single install. My problem is that I would activate multiple plugins at once. You must do them one at a time.

  • So this issue is actually more complex than I thought. If you have deployed through Heroku, you must define all plugins in your package.json because each time you reset NodeBB, Heroku parses your package.json and runs npm-install which clears all of the plugins that you add from the Administrator's panel.

    So to use Heroku and plugins, declare them in package.json and not the admin panel!

  • @rchowell Unfortunately, yes, as Heroku has what they call an "ephemeral" file system, which is spun up every time you deploy, so any installed files (that is, uploaded images, plugins, etc) will not persist.

    For Heroku, we recommend:

    • A 3rd party image uploader to be installed (e.g. imgur)
    • Any plugins installed must be added to the package.json file and re-committed to Heroku.
  • @julian I've done both. Thanks for the response.

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