Admin control panel not working

  • Hi on a fresh checkout of v0.6.1-dev (Redis 2.8.12), the ACP is not working
    specifically, the traffic graph and customize CSS/JS are not displayed, also the widgets in "Extend/widgets" are not draggable. Anyone notice the same thing?
    Screenshot 2015-01-17 14.03.13.png Screenshot 2015-01-17 14.03.02.png

  • @Xu-Li I had the same issue, I Downgraded to V0.6.0 and the problem was solved.

  • i have same problem but it is my sidebar in admin. This problem occurred when i upgrade to v0.6.0.

    It always occur like that.

  • Admin

    @Nguyen-Nga That particular problem is due to a query we want to run against being unavailable in the latest version. It presents when used in a clustering setup, and the latest changes to NodeBB always have clustering active (even in a cluster setup of 1 process), so in the meantime it is difficult to get the data in question. This is why those graphs are not working at the moment.


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