• I got this error after upgrading into 0.6.x

    when running ./nodebb dev

    this is my config.json

        "url": "http://example.com",
        "port": "4567",
        "secret": "secretsauce here",
        "bind_address": "",
        "database": "redis",
        "redis": {
            "host": "",
            "port": "6379",
            "password": "long password here",
            "database": "0"
        "bcrypt_rounds": 12,
        "upload_path": "/public/uploads",
        "use_port": false,

  • Double-check your password for your redis config, as that's the typical cause of a connection refusal.

  • I disabled the requiredpass in redis.conf then remove the password in config.json but still same problem/error.

    thank anyway. 😄

  • Fixed the error on first post. But i got new error when running ./nodebb dev

     Error: listen EADDRINUSE
        at errnoException (net.js:904:11)
        at Server._listen2 (net.js:1042:14)
        at listen (net.js:1064:10)
        at Server.listen (net.js:1138:5)
        at module.exports.listen (/root/nodebb/src/webserver.js:136:18)
        at /root/nodebb/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:656:23
        at fn (/root/nodebb/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:641:34)
        at Object._onImmediate (/root/nodebb/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:557:34)
        at processImmediate [as _immediateCallback] (timers.js:345:15)

    anyone, know what is this? 😄

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    EADDRINUSE means something is already bound to the port NodeBB is looking to bind to. Most likely you have NodeBB running already, so you'll need to kill it.

  • @julian said:


    Read that as EARJUICE for a moment there. Enjoy your dinner. 😆👍

  • @a_5mith Appetite. Ruined.

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