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    Any possibility of being able to have a more fluent interface for categories on the admins side. For instance, maybe any categories that care contained inside of another can be accessed by click that category similar to ho it is in the user interface? would make things more streamline and easier to navigate and edit that way.

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    Like Wordpress? If so, nesting them would look/feel more intuitive.

    I have a suggestion too. Could we collapse the fields so that it's easier to drag & drop them? Right now it's only possible to do so over a short space.

    It's a UX issue more than anything, but being able to drag & drop a category to it's intended destination without running out of space to move, having to drop it, pick it up again, drop, repeat...

    I'm using Firefox on Win7 incidentally, and NodeBB 0.61 development.

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    The design inspiration behind the categories UX was to maintain all options in one page for easy access.

    There are several reasons this is no longer viable:

    • When the interface was released, you could not re-order categories
    • The interface had fewer options
    • There was no privileges system

    We maintained this interface mostly due to inertia, though it is about time it gets reworked.

    Please see gh#2463

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    Colapsing them or compressing them would work oerfect. Or even a seperate menu where you can rearange them easy then go back to edit.

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