Widget system

  • Hey

    Hope you can help me point me in a direction of some code/documentation.

    I'm thinking of developing a Widget and can't find any information on the context in which a widget lives. The widget I am thinking about developing should show information about the content of the thread/post, so when you are browsing a thread about a specific subject, related articles are shown in a widget.

    The widget of course doesn't make any sense in a context outside a thread.

    And my problem is that I can't find any information about the context in which the widget is operating.


  • Admin


    Should give you some ideas, the active users widget changes behaviour based on where it is displayed, if its inside a topic it shows the poster in that topic, if its inside a category it shows recent posters in that category etc. widget.area.url gives the url of the page the widget is in.



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