Get a NodeBB cloud instance in less than 30 seconds.

General Discussion
  • Hi Everyone!

    I am Enrique from, a cloud computing provider.
    We were playing a little bit with NodeBB and we think it's a really good product, so we decided create a new NodeBB snap and add it to our app store. You can start our own fully-functional NodeBB cloud instance in less than 30 seconds and you can try it for free.

    This is the link to the NodeBB snap:

    For any comments or suggestions feel free to contact me.

  • Nice @enriquec ! Awesome to see cloud providers step up and support apps like ours.

    Back in the day when WordPress came out, php wasn't supported on web hosts, and they were instrumental in making it the norm. Let's hope we can do our part to make Node apps first-class citizens on web hosts too 😄

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