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    Right now only few pages show in the widget. If we can also have all pages like /recent , /popular /notifcations etc all in widgets, then we can add content in header, side bars and footers of these individual pages.

    Any ideas how to show all pages in widgets for easy dev?


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    @Netto-Hikari said:

    fail-safe is more important than SEO

    I agree with you there. It may be plugin territory too.

  • Chat Page

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    In the chat page, instead of displaying "please select a reciepient to view the chat" the latest chat of the member should be displayed, because there is lot of screen real estate, so it would be better to show the latest chat, instead of that prompt message. @julian @a_5mith @baris

  • Until pages

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    Hi forum,

    We are encounting difficulties to load big topics, with more 130 posts, with images.

    A friend had a idea until pages arrives.
    Add an option to switch posts order, in this way, you don't have to load all the posts and images.

    What do you think about that?

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    The more I use NodeBB and Ghost, the more comfortable I get with Markdown. Of course the automatic embed of URLs, images, videos, music, and others make many BBcode irrelevant.