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    I'm currently trying to get a Forum imported (from mybb) which has 300 Categorys, most of them Subcategory's.
    The standard Admin manager is a Problem in handling such a number of categories, it takes ages to show up and the Category's don't display the Subcategories in a usable way, there just mixed up and it is nearly impossible to mange the whole thing.

    I would love to see that the Display is structured in a way that it is easy to see which Category's have subcategory's and some sort of a help to get permissions set.

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    300 categories? What? 😆 Use tags and accumulate topics into main categories. Your users will thank you. Probably not the answer you wanted. But damn. 😛

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    @a_5mith You're joking. I will never move a few thousand unrelated Posting into a main category and let it up to my users to sort things out there not interested in.

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    Fair enough. 😆

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    I didn't notice a joke. 300 subcategories seems unreasonable - I truly can't fathom having that many. If you're needing that finely tuned views, exclusive use of a tagging system seems the way to go.

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    @Nifty said:

    there not interested in.

    They don't need to be interested, just tell them to tag what they're creating. If they don't, it gets deleted, whether you delete them or not, is up to you. Pretty simple way to get people to start tagging, rather than navigating pan's labrynth.

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    I'd like to chime in that the category management view right now definitely needs UX improvements, 300 categories or not. A tree view that starts with all the options collapsed might be decent. Collecting everything into boxes based on parents may work well. All in all, each cat needs to take up less screen space by default.

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