HTML JSON form submission spec, W3

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    Hooray! Now we can see widespread adoption by 2018! XD

    Sarcasm aside this will be incredibly useful once some nice backwards compatible shims are created. The way NodeBB handles forms at the moment is, for lack of a better word, a workaround.

  • Nice to see the W3 community has a sense of humour 😄

    EXAMPLE 6: Such Deep
    <form enctype='application/json'>
      <input name='wow[such][deep][3][much][power][!]' value='Amaze'>
    // produces
        "wow":  {
            "such": {
                "deep": [
                ,   null
                ,   null
                ,   {
                        "much": {
                            "power": {
                                "!":  "Amaze"

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