several plugins stopped working after 6.0

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    Created an issue and a PR with working markdown-it-multimd-table now 🙂

    The syntax really isn't too esoteric in my opinion:

    multiline - just add a slash at the end of a row and it will be merged with the next row.
    So the table from the first post would look like this: | Fruit | Price | Advantages | | :-------------- | :------------------ | :------------------- | | Bananana | first line | first line | \ | | second line | second line | | Bananana | first line | first line | \ | | second line | second line | if you want a cell to span multiple columns just end it with the amount of pipes equal to number of columns you want it to span. Essentially - create a totally empty cells without even a space inside.
    For example: | 2-column header || | :--------------------- | ----------------------:| | single column| single column | | two columns || Rowspan is done by including ^^ in the cell below the one we want to span multiple rows. So for example: | Fruit | Price | Advantages | | :-------------- | :------------------ | :------------------- | | Bananana | two rows | one row | | Bananana | ^^ | one row | headerless is self-explaining I think 🙂 Just don't add any header and do everything the same way as it was done.
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    It seems others can get the "Alternative Login" button in login page, but I can't... I just clone the repo, add code, copy the folder into node_modules, then activate it in ACP. Did I miss something?

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    @KnickKnack said in markdown code highlight theme does not work?:

    Automatically detect and highlight code blocks

    It does works. Thank you.

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    @zakcharyzelish the likelihood of anyone responding here is going to be almost zero. This post is 9 years old and the NodeBB and technology world has completely changed.

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    That looks good to me. Although I am not sure if it would have any side effects to other routes without testing can't tell for sure. I only see one db call in there for themes. I am not sure if there could be a case where webserver.js is required from app.js and then webserver.init is called before all the setup is done in webserver.js.