[object Object] appearing at bottom of front page?

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  • Hi there!

    I'm trying to upgrade our NodeBB server to v0.5.5, and I've managed to install the update (even linking to Solr - nice)!

    One strange issue I encountered: the very bottom of our front page has the words:

    [object Object]

    I assume this is an issue with the theme (I'm using lavender). I vaguely remember seeing something like this appear in the past, but it doesn't appear on our production v0.4.3 deployment.

    Have you encountered this before? Is there a known solution? 🙂


  • Sounds like its a widget, is there anything in acp>extend widgets thats placed on footer?

  • Thanks for your reply! We don't have any widgets installed. Everything in ACP > Extend > Widgets is blank.

  • Can you post the output of the following redis commands.

    hgetall widgets:global
    hgetall widgets:home.tpl
    hgetall widgets:category.tpl
  • Thanks for asking! Here's what I get:> hgetall widgets:global
    1) "footer"
    2) "[{\"widget\":\"html\",\"data\":{\"html\":\"<footer id=\\\"footer\\\" class=\\\"container footer\\\">\\r\\n\\t<div class=\\\"copyright\\\">\\r\\n\\t\\tCopyright \xc2\xa9 2014 <a target=\\\"_blank\\\" href=\\\"https://www.nodebb.com\\\">NodeBB Forums</a> | <a target=\\\"_blank\\\" href=\\\"//github.com/NodeBB/NodeBB/graphs/contributors\\\">Contributors</a>\\r\\n\\t</div>\\r\\n</footer>\",\"title\":\"\",\"container\":\"\"}}]"
    3) "sidebar"
    4) "[]"
    5) "drafts"
    6) "[]"> hgetall widgets:home.tpl
    1) "sidebar"
    2) "[]"
    3) "motd"
    4) "[]"> hgetall widgets:category.tpl
    1) "sidebar"
    2) "[]"
  • Looks like there is a global footer in the database but you say it doesn't show up in the ACP. So maybe there is a bug there.

    You can remove the global footer manually with

    hset widgets:global footer ""
  • Awesome - it worked! 🙂

  • Is the widget essentials plugin installed and activated? That may be what is going on as well.

  • This is from the default footer HTML widget (with the NodeBB copyright text). I had the same problem, along with a handful of other weird behaviors after upgrading and I believe it was due to cached versions of the client side script files.

  • @julian Widget-essentials was uninstalled. I was trying to make the basic upgrade work. 🙂

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