Anyone got some benchmark datas?

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  • Hey guys I'm still on the planning phase on moving my huge forum site to nodebb and i'm hoping i wont hit myself with hammer if my server cant handle much processes on a massive concurrent users coming in. i did some research on nodeJS performance:
    but i think i need more information if a regular server can handle massive requests, here's my server specs.

    3.4GHz / 16gb Quad-Core SSD UBUNTU

    anyone got some real datas running on a 500~1000 concurrent user server?

  • How are you getting the concurrent user metric? Typical stats from php are aggregate counts over a period of time, and are not truly concurrent.

    NodeBB can handle 500+ concurrent connections easily, but a cluster setup is advised to do so.

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    @julian Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it.

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    @baris yeah it's true, but you can use transaction on a multicluster with only one node, also if with a lot of limitations.
    About your command example is a good idea also if it would work only with redis and postgre, with mongodb can be used like a normal batch.

    I took a look to postgreSQL module, seems it support transactions, mongodb emulate the same thing with non ACID batch. I prefer to avoid SQL databases but the way data is organized seem more suitable to a relational DB

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    @pitaj yeah. It's starting work

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    @riddle911 nice job. I may good at programming but I'm definitely not an expert in Excel. Nice work, and thanks for sharing.

  • Horrible Benchmarks.

    NodeBB Development
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    @faianca using the latest NodeBB version.

    Redis 3.2.4
    Avg. amount of connections (ss -s): ~2000
    Avg. amount of people online (forum only): ~120
    Avg. load time (without ads): <500ms
    Avg. amount of pageviews (monthly): ~1.5 Mio.

    As you can see benchmarks do not mean a damn.
    I run a dedicated server (self built) at the Illiad Group (France). The websites themselves are split into several smaller VMs by using KVM.

    Here the node specs:
    +1GBits up/down
    32GB DDR4 RAM
    512GB RAID10 SSD
    Intel Xeon E5-2680V4 (dedicated for this KVM)
    Intel Xeon Phi 3120P (shared)

    If you want I can run a benchmark on my E7 machine. But I doubt it will change a lot.