• Hi Guys,

    I though it would be fixed on 0.5.x but it wasnt.. now im on v0.6.0-dev and still problem on that display.. can you guys checkout?

    Its not showing some posts count.


  • GNU/Linux Admin

    1. Are you running redis or MongoDB?
    2. Do new posts increment the post counter?
    3. If redis, what does redis-cli hget category:1 post_count return?

  • 1 - Running over mongodb
    2 - new posts dont increment 😕

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Okay. Perhaps this is a persistent issue that only occurs on MongoDB installs. Will have to wait for @baris

  • NodeBB

    Seems to be only happening on that category?

    Run the following in mongo please


    Does the post count go up for other categories when you post in them?

    Also that js errors seems to be from templates.js, what version is installed? npm ls templates.js

  • [email protected] /home/xxx/nodebb
    └── [email protected]

        "_id" : ObjectId("52e55fad3cba0a1923de65ea"),
        "_key" : "category:1",
        "bgColor" : "#ca4247",
        "cid" : 1,
        "class" : "col-md-3 col-xs-6",
        "color" : "#fff",
        "description" : "Discussão geral sobre Teste e Desenvolvimento de Software",
        "disabled" : 0,
        "icon" : "fa-doesnt-exist",
        "image" : "https://i.imgur.com/p1zxd9G.png",
        "imageClass" : "cover",
        "link" : "",
        "name" : "Geral",
        "numRecentReplies" : "4",
        "order" : "1",
        "post_count" : NaN,
        "slug" : "1/geral",
        "topic_count" : 31
        "_id" : ObjectId("52e55fad3cba0a1923de65dc"),
        "_key" : "global",
        "nextCid" : 12,
        "nextMid" : 128,
        "nextNid" : 557,
        "nextPid" : 309,
        "nextTid" : 105,
        "nextUid" : 252,
        "postCount" : NaN,
        "topicCount" : 99,
        "uniqueIPCount" : 2186,
        "userCount" : 228
  • NodeBB

    Ok you can fix it by running the below two queries in mongodb

    db.objects.update({_key: "category:1"}, {"$set": {"post_count": 177}});
    db.objects.update({_key: "global"}, {"$set": {"postCount": 297}});

    This shouldn't happen again in 0.6.x since there are checks now to prevent the post count from becoming invalid. If it does let me know.

  • @baris I deleted a thread in this category when my board was on 0.5.4... Now we're on 0.6.0-dev and the problem persists. DB backend is Redis.


  • NodeBB

    What is the url of your forum?

  • @julian, For those on Redis with a similar issue for the widget that shows global post count (increments at times, but not at others) which command should update the count? I've seen a few ask about this, I've still got the issue as well.

  • Thanks @baris

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