probleam about stylesheet.css.

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    In China,we can't use google's service.can we not use the google font in website?or is there any other option?

  • From what I've read in the news, I'm amazed you still have the Internet at all...

    Edit your lavender theme by going to less/whiteplum.less and removing

    12	@import url(//,300,700,900,500);

    You could specify a font from another provider that isn't blocked, or specify your own with the custom css in admin control panel.

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    @song19891121 Have you tried using a Mirror CDN?

    e.g. Add this to the custom header block in the ACP:

    <link href=',400,600&subset=latin,latin-ext' rel='stylesheet'>

    Edit: You'd probably still get the error nonetheless, but at least the fonts will work? So maybe use this in conjunction with @a_5mith's suggestion.

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