Category with almost similar names get the same Icon :S

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  • Hi,

    I don't know if it is a already known bug.
    I made a subcategory with the name "Urlaub" with the subsubcategory "Winterurlaub" (both contain the string urlaub), resulting in a behavior that the icon for both are the same ( in my example I had no Icon). Also a picture for one of them couldn't be saved. Disapears every time after uploading. After changing the subsubcategory to "Winterlaub", both pictures and icons can be setup for themselfes.

  • Couldn't reproduce with those steps on latest, I created two categories Urlaub and Winterurlaub. Made Winterurlaub the child and removed the icons for both. They both don't have icons now.


    Are you clicking save after making the changes in the ACP?

  • Shame on me.
    Could also not reproduce it. And it could really be, that I forgot to save some of the changes. 😕

    Is there a reason that every category gets his own save button? Otherwise one Save-Button for all would avoid such stupid mistakes. 😉

  • The save button on each category is actually a global save button, the only reason we added it to everyone is so you don't have to scroll all the way to the top or bottom to save when you have a lot of categories.

    You can test it by making changes on two categories. When you click save on one of them the success alert should show the category ids that are saved.

  • Yes, this makes sense to me. 😉
    Perhaps you can "fix" the Categories Control Panel, so that it is always shown although you are on the bottom of the category-list and switch the save button to this "Box".
    But anyway... Nice work you already did with NodeBB. 🙂

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