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  • Hello NodeBB community, I'm here to introduce you a brand new theme that will available for all of you when it's ready 🙂
    But first things first a little disclaimer.


    Thanks for all the support you showed up for forum and it's theme. Unfortunately we won't be releasing the nodebb-theme-deep-space theme for several reasons.

    • The theme was thought only for GG community and because of that doesn't reply to the needs a NodeBB common user may have.
    • It was done only in the purpose of serving some custom features and a slick look that go pair with what the community is about : graphism.
    • I consider that the theme is not stable and modular enough to serve another NodeBB community.
    • And finally after all the effort we've put in it to be unique, it would be kinda sad to find it elsewhere.

    Bad news, means also good news to balance and that's exactly what I'm doing today. Let me introduce you nodebb-theme-minimalism


    Here's what I planned to do, you can see how I work for creating the theme, what I want here is some feedback because I want this theme to be for the community and I wan't to know if it's worth it or no and finally if I should do it.
    Also I count on you to find a new name for the theme since it's not that minimalistic or say that I'm wrong and stick with it.
    I hope you'll like it, without more attending here it is

    NodeBB theme minimalism preview
    click for fullsize.

    I will reuse some of the features I developed for galaxygraph (the box with post likers for instance)

  • I think this would be the number uno theme if it did something different with the home page. The overall feel of the theme is very blog like, so it should ideally be the same across the site.

    Perhaps combining the home and categories into some sudo amalgamation of awesome.

    I like how Medium does it: (With your changes)


    The general gist being that clicking the catgegory up top would change what you see in terms of the topics. Merging the Home and Categories. This would probably require that post snippets be incorporated into core. But I recall it being possible. 😛

  • @a_5mith Yes I'm totally not convinced by the home, have to say I've done it from 1am to 2am so I was kinda dead.
    I like Medium a lot even if the version of last week was better (or two weeks). Yes the theme is really blog like in the approach and at first I wanted the home to be the recent newsfeed. That's why my topics are like that but then I didn't really know how to approach the home.
    I don't know if what you're proposing is working (the tabs) but I really like the idea.

  • You can name this Galaxy theme, since it started from your galaxy forum. Just saying 😛

  • @esiao on a side note, I really like this theme tending to a blog like approach. It feels different as compared to some traditional themes.

  • Looks good 🙂 Looking forward to seeing this come out

  • The design looks great! Looking forward to seeing it in action 🙂

  • In reference to:

    • Its genesis, nodebb-theme-deep-space
    • An antithesis of its design philosophy, namely "flat"
    • And: what happens if the category title is too long

    I propose you call it


  • Lightfield?

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