• So i had to read this to signup and become part of nbb community. Lovely post @vegetagz6 and omg nbb even supports tagging 😄

    I have a project which i have been working on for months now, well to be honest ive only been doing research.

    I run a facebook GROUP and its growing over 20,000 members in a span of 1.5 years without advertising, just word of mouth. Members have been asking me to open a website where they could get more out of the community itself. Now ive been to freelancers and companies to help me replicate something that looks like a facebook group, but due to financial issues i cant afford it. This brings me to my question, is it possible to show a facebook group timeline like layout on home page ? and have someone to write a post only instead of making a topic in a category ?

    Help me please 🙂

  • @Pooya-Dubash Not out of the box. Would require a lot of changes to both templates and core NodeBB.

    Seems you're looking for a Social Networking software like phpfox, rather than a forum.

  • @a_5mith said:


    Will have phpfox a look, i feel im so dumb thinking forums like xenforo, ipb and vbulletin were the good ones 😞

    I want something very simple, a homepage with people to write a post and comment on. Thats it.

  • @Pooya-Dubash If phpfox is a bit out of the price range, then humhub may also offer exactly what you need. Plus it's open source. I'm not one for saying people shouldn't use NodeBB, because it is, brilliant. But if it doesn't suit your needs, it's a bit like wearing shoes on your hands instead of gloves. 👍

  • Yeah, im already talking to a developer to help customize humhub the way i want it to work. But even he will take 2 months to deliver 😞
    Maybe im so close to my goal that im becoming impatient i guess 😞

  • If you get what you asked for at the end of it, then that's all that matters. Two months is a bit much though. I wouldn't take that long building an online shop. 😆

  • So i tried phpfox, its like facebook. I only want the the facebook group and nothing more 😞 .
    I dont want any other features, just a simple login to post or read what others posted, comment on a post, like a post and share it. thats it lol.

  • @Pooya-Dubash You'll find people usually want more feature that can be turned off. Rather than less. Good luck with your hunt.

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    PHPBB 👎

  • @vegetagz6 I think it's because the competition in forum platform has been increased in the last few months. There are a lot of "new and modern" forum coming which may "eat" their market share. There is no other choice for them except get back to work and make sure they can survive in this competition.

    Not only PHPBB, MyBB also released it's new version (MyBB 1.8) to keep relevant with this modern world, and sometimes they need to make a huge change and rewrite everything to survive

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    One of our primary selling points when we launched was mobile responsiveness. It was an easy feature to sell, because every other forum did not do it well.

    For the entrenched competitors, they were building mobile interfaces on top of the existing templates, so they were not quite perfect.

    Seems everybody is mobile responsive now, so that's better for everybody I'd say 🙂

  • @julian you'd hope that would be the end of rubbish like tapatalk, but people still want it. 😕

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