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    I've had a lot of problems with phpBB and I'd like to install NodeBB on my server. I've got an account at the Dutch hosting company ongekend.nl but I'm not sure if they support NodeBB. I've read the documentation and the described installation options won't work for me, as I don't host the server myself. I do have access to directadmin and phpmyadmin though.

    Could anyone help me? I can translate parts of the site of ongekend.nl for you if you need some information.

  • @Pharetra NodeBB requires a VPS. NodeBB is built in Node.JS and Redis/MongoDB, so the standard LAMP stack will be of no use here. Digital Ocean have servers in Amsterdam if you're after a well priced VPS. I'd advise going Ubuntu 14.04 as it's used by more users here, therefore support is slightly quicker. Redis/Mongo is up to you. Their are pros and cons to both really.

    I should add, the link I've supplied will give you two months of hosting for free for you to test($10 of credit). 馃憤

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    @a_5mith Does the refcode bonus stack with 10TOSHIP for a combined 4 months? That would be cool...

  • @julian If that code still works, then yes, it should. I stacked 10toship with the $100 student code that a kind member offered me. 馃槃

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