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    @jksh I agree. You could add these yourself to your Forum with editing of the templates/themes, but I'm not very good at that. Maybe change the text with Custom CSS/JS?

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    Our forum is in paginated form, so I was not aware of this function... I was writing for paginated design so everyone can use it, but apparently infinite scroll design is already using it...

    So, in this case my question will be about paginated forum...

    There are redundancy and lack of buttons..

    Arrows are:

    two << (up) or
    one < (up)


    two >> (down) or
    one > (down)

    two arrows takes you either to the first or last post of the topic... one arrow takes you previous or next posts...

    However there are already pagination, so you can go to first or last page with pagination anyway... with these settings there are no way you can go to the top of the page, or to the bottom of the page (I meant first post of the page not the topic or last post of the page not the topic), you have to scroll to the top or to the bottom...
    I think it will be more useful if two arrows take you to the top of bottom of the page rather than topic... If people wants to go to the first page or last page, they can do it using pagination anyway...

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    I love the composer in nodeBB. However, it's rare to find anything in life that can not be pushed toward greater perfection and since composer is pushing toward perfection already - let's push a little bit more to make the difference! 🙂

    On - I noticed a few extra buttons that seemed to related to the same function or kind of, then I noticed even more - why have 3 image related buttons when you can have one?



    Ok, first lets strip the overlapping icons and rearrange into more logical groups:

    Post Edit Tools | Link Tools | Image Tools | Custom Tool | Zen Mode



    Super and look at all the new found space, minimal overload is not far off, time to look at the sequential order.

    Less is More in the New Order


    If there ever was a more graceful flow from left to right in perfect order I have yet to see it, with less buttons in a more logical, sequential and grouped order we are pitching for less visual cognitive load.


    Minimal without losing functionality Clear left to right flow and back again Grouping of icons by contextual function Establishes a logical sequence to icon groups Creates more space for other icons Sets logical order and positioning for future icon inclusion

    Naturally it flows that the 3 image button functions need to be folded into a pop-up menu.

    Why this is probably a better outcome is that it creates a clear focus and display of the image options to the user using one click, all on a single menu.

    Currently there are 3 buttons one of which is visually ambiguous as it presents as cloud up arrow icon, which could be construed as being actionable with any file for upload.

    If you wanted to push the logic of this approach further, then even the smilies icon could considered a valid target (hypothetically!) to also fold into the single image button - creating a hybrid single image button, a hybrid pop-up menu with all the visual/image elements in one place.

    Please note, I am not proposing it for now but I present it to tease out the natural evolution of where this route might go and is perhaps one reduction too far for broader nodeBB deployments.

    Please upvote 👍 - If you woudl like to see this in standard nodeBB.

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    I'm not seeing this feature in the dev. I'd like to allow anonymous posting for registered users. They have to register to post which would enable banning users and they can post while hiding their username from everyone else except admin/moderators. Replies will be by post number or 'OP' for the first post/thread starter. Throughout the site instead of avatars showing it will be an icon linked to a category, set by admin. And within that category it could be an arbitrary place holder like a bullet.

    Intent would be for Leaks sites, Classifieds sites, etc.

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    @julian said:

    The bookmark is stored on the client-side only, so there's no cross-device functionality present right now.