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  • How to Change Font size

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    @11assets colors would require a plugin, but you can have headings, etc with Markdown.

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    If you were interested in subcontrating the work to the nodebb team I'd be happy to look into it. I wouldn't mind giving you a discount on our rate for things that are on my todo list as well, since I'll be building it eventually. Email us at [email protected]

    If not, I'd be happy to accept any pull requests to this repo and/or the cash plugin. Even if it isn't 100%, maybe if you start it I can help point you in the right direction

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    Some kind of paging function would also be good for mobile devices where RAM is frequently at a high premium.

    NodeBB causes not-infrequent browser crashes on my iPad2 on longer threads. When I click a link that takes me to the 60th post in a thread or something, there is a long delay as the slower browser begins by loading the op oldest posts in batches. It would be good if there were a way to make it skip doing that and take me directly to the unread posts (without switching the full application to paged mode).

    Perhaps on mobile devices you could add a secondary navigation bar with the paging functions (arrows, "displaying X-Y of Z", etc).

  • Moving posts

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    It looks like the ability to move a post or topic has been removed.

    ... or has it 😉

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    Fixed it up now, so it doesn't show up on edit (unless something changed)