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    Not exactly a bug, but whenever I open by browser after booting up the laptop or pc and open NodeBB, I get this notification:
    Is there anyway to turn this feature off, I mean this is not exactly a bad thing, asking the user for permission, but asking it every time you start your browser can be a problem. or else it would be better to store the user preference inside the browser cache which can prevent this question from being displayed always.

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    Show for this session means just that, it's enabled until you close the page, alternatively you can click the arrow to the right, and you can select the following options:

    Never allow for this site
    Always allow for this site

    I have it turned on, but I'm not sure what it actually does anymore. I don't recall getting any notifications from it. 😆

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    I've just checked it and both options above works.

    Btw, my friend discovered, that nodebb-plugin-desktop-notifications doesn't work, because of changes in api of NodeBB. However, I don't remember what lines you have to change to repair it.

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    I've sent a PR to that plugin should be good after its merged and republished.

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