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    I'm seeing a warning from Firefox when browsing nodebb community.


    The connection to this website is not fully secure because it containes unencrypted elements (such as images).

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    It's the Nodevember banner, it's currently using http instead of https. There's probably other embedded media being linked via http too though.

    For example I'm pretty sure any non https embedded gifs would also trigger this warning, not a lot can be done about that, if a gif is only offered over http, then that's all it's offered by, unfortunately.

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    Wouldn't this be a problem for those that expect to see a lock or something similar but instead get a warning. Wouldn't this simply scare them away? For the technical minded it's not a major issue but for visitors that are "trained" to look for certain security items before signing up or using the site it might be. I haven't ventured into that part of the self hosted nodebb setup yet but hopefully that can be avoided especially when users start embedding links. Maybe others that have a nodebb ssl setup can share their experience. Just a thought.

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    @peter, it's not typically a issue. Users understand that not everything will be served over HTTPS. The fact that the site itself serves its content over HTTPS should be enough to make most feel perfectly safe.

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    @Ted as long as it's not a full page warning most users won't notice it. the full page warning will certainly cut your site visits drastically.

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    @peter, exactly. You're not going to get a full-page SSL error from your site serving remotely linked images alone, so there's nothing to worry about.

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    Updated the Nodevember banner to be HTTPS 😄

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