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    @JamesJ said:

    I had a shocking amount of e-mails, which was pleasing actually.

    That's fantastic to hear! Best of luck to the developer who won the bid (hint: it wasn't us 😄 )

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    Yes, this is a fantastic idea! Whoever created the package manager and ACP page should totally do this 😄

    ... what? What do you mean it's me? 😦

    Edit: Please add your suggestions here 👍

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    @Shaun when 0.5.0 is released, their will be full documentation, but the process will be something along the lines of

    git checkout v0.5.x git pull ./nodebb upgrade

    But their will be an announcement about all of that and how to update when it's ready. If you have any other issues with plugins etc, feel free to create a topic. 👍

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    @MYU said:


    But got a /admin/weibo path not found error.

    Ditto. Looks like the plugin has been inactive for sometime.

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    Well, again: that's odd.

    Try to

    run ./nodebb dev, visit the ACP and deactivate both soundcloud plugins restart nodeBB (click the little popup in upper right corner, after disabling plugins) wait for nodeBB to be up again enable only one of the soundcloud plugins.

    If that still doesn't do the trick, you might want to update all plugins with the "update" button in the ACP. You have a lot warnings, regarding outdated plugins. If that again does nothing, my last two cents would be to deactivate those outdated plugins to see if they cause any trouble.