• To whom it may concern
    For the past 4 years my community used ipboard, which is not a bad forum at all. When I saw your development I liked it a lot but the problem is that all the forums are very similar.the NodeBB inspired me as well as all those people that are playing and chatting in my community.
    Thank you for your hard work and don't stop creating.

    With this being said, I wanted to find out if there is a chance to prioritize or order a plugin and if so than I wouldn't mind donate. I had seen couple of веток and was even able to find a plugin on githab. Sadly everything is kind of stuck in this direction.
    I need an integration between NodeBB and teamspeak 3. The following are the needed:

    • online users
    • synchronization between set forum topics channel description on ts
    • synchronization of ts chat and forum chat
    • synchronization for something else, which I haven't thought of yet:)
      I can provide you with the server for testing with os such as cantos,Ubuntu,windows etc

  • If you need the plugin as a matter of urgency, send an email to sales[at]nodebb.org and they'l give you a quote for such a plugin. Alternatively, you can add it to this topic and hope that someone will be up for doing it.

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