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    Just a thought here, and I'm no expert by any means, but here's something for you.

    Let's say that you had a category "pages" (or "posts", "projects", whatever). You then create each topic as a "page" with correctly formatted information - something like:

    =title=page title
    =subheading=this is a subheading

    You could then use the API /api/topic/123 to access that information. I was thinking that you'd have another website on the server, listening on a different port, to request this information and build the pages, according to the specified format.

    What do you think?

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    I was actually thinking of something along those lines. Tempted to write a custom theme to use the forum as a blogging system (instead of Ghost, which I currently use) which would display threads as articles, where the first post in a thread is the post content, and all others that follow are comments to that post.

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    It's definitely possible, as the theming for NodeBB is quite flexible. Earlier this year, I started working on a blog-like theme, based off of some designs by Randy M. Daniel:

    I didn't quite get it to the point of publishing it, so if you're interested in picking up where I left off, feel free!

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