On this board: chat status-inconsistency, On master: invisible not working on page-change

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  • It seems on this board the status within chat-headings doesn't work pretty well. I can't reproduce, neither on master nor on v0.5.x branch so it would be great to have an update.
    It often shows a state the user doesn't have, sometimes I've also seen 'null' as state.

    Second issue, reproduced on master: If I set my status to invisible and change the page to a topic it shows me within 'browsing' (DéjàVu 😛 )

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    I previously had this issue. It only affects admins who have the rights to change the order of the pinned topics which is why it's unlikely others can't reproduce on the OPs site.
    However since 1.7 (could be Chrome 64) I no longer have the problem.

  • Proper way to purge chats

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    I will answer myself on question. 😉

    You need to remove these documents (_key pattern) from objects collection:

    message:8 messages:uid:8:to:16 uid:1:chats

    * where numbers are identifiers

    Or if you don't want to do it manually, you could wait for future NodeBB Utils plugin:

    Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 11.55.39 PM.png

  • Chats don't load

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    You did change by moving blocks under component, that is why It doesn't work for old themes.
    I have fixed problems.

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    What error do you receive in the chrome inspector? That may help guide us to a solution.