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    I still have a question. Everything works fine at the moment. Send data from the client to the server isn't a problem now.

    But how can I emit a event to all connected clients serverside?

    Something e.g

    myPlugin.emit('plugins.publishMessage', {data: "Some data"}, function(err, result) { console.log(result); });

    After one hour spending searching different topics and some code I found the solution.

    Besides the custom clientside Sockets

    const myPluginSockets = require.main.require('./src/socket.io/plugins');

    you have to define the Server Sockets too

    const myPluginSockets = require.main.require('./src/socket.io/plugins'); const serverSockets = require.main.require('./src/socket.io');

    Now you can emit events from server side to the clients:

    serverSockets.server.sockets.emit('messageReceive', data);

    to receive the event clientside, you can use following in ur main.js file:

    socket.on('messageReceive', function(data){ console.log(data); });

    Client console output:
    {msg: "my message"}

    Maybe I'll write a little Tutorial on this because I am probably not the only one who does not understand it so easily.

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    Thanks bunches for this. 👍

  • Imgur plugin upload error

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    I have the Imgur upload plugin installed, and enabled, but when I try to upload an image, I get "Upload Error: Invalid image path". Did I install it wrong?

    Edit: Just realized, I cloned the master branch and not the 5.x branch.

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    Thank you @a_5mith, that's what I imagined but I think it's worth asking before putting some energy in that :).
    I'll follow your advice and take a look at other import plugins.

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    @Shaun when 0.5.0 is released, their will be full documentation, but the process will be something along the lines of

    git checkout v0.5.x git pull ./nodebb upgrade

    But their will be an announcement about all of that and how to update when it's ready. If you have any other issues with plugins etc, feel free to create a topic. 👍