$ 5 per month, 768 MB RAM cheap hosting for NodeBB

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    This query is on behalf of an EdTech startup in India. We are exploring NodeBB for building our MVP. I would like to connect with any freelance developer who is familiar with the codebase of NodeBB so we could engage him/her to guide our developers.

    We believe that the initial learning can be accelerated if we can onboard a freelancer who is familiar with NodeBB. Any interested freelancer can contact us on WhatsApp at https://wa.me/919849702501

    Any referrals would be appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to understand our requirements.

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    Since community.nodebb.org are for discussing the platform of NodeBB, it probably make sense to have a group that is whoever has a verified nodebb deployment and as admin. Having such group will help motivate more people to ask questions, help those site admins and also a promote a culture of community target: the "user" of NodeBB software itself: the site admins of NodeBB.

    I checked the group and it seems it doesn't exist yet.


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    We use https://github.com/dcodeIO/bcrypt.js to store user passwords.

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    I was looking into trying to figure out server costs with an estimated number of people, but figured it would be best to get some real world data to compare it to! So if you don't mind I would love to hear about your server specs/setup and how many users that handles!

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    @luke said:

    I only see a few actual themes there and most of them are sadly reskins or modifications of the base theme, with the exception of @trevor's magical wonderland.

    @a_5mith said:

    @luke yeah I'm not a fan of the bootstrap skins, the trouble with theming is once you've seen @trevor's theme, you just know it won't be quite as good. 😆

    Thank you guys so much, how flattering.

    @psychobunny said:

    Or you can do what @trevor did which was basically modify the Vanilla theme and learn everything from that repo itself.

    Yup, Vanilla based and my theme is still nodebb-theme-vanilla. I just never changed it, but I plan on changing it soon enough because of the npm and nodebb upgrade conflicts of overriding everything.

    Here's the process though... Interestingly enough I started by stripping out the things I'd prob never use in Bootstrap for a forum frontend (maybe backend but I stripped it out anyway).

    And worked my way from the center in an outward pattern. So this means I began customizing everything from inside the <div id="content" class="container">...</div> then the header and footer. 8-14 hours a day, at 500~ iterations a day (because sometimes when you don't have a plan, and its just you, you ask yourself "does this look right?"). I use the same template pattern but add or remove different things.

    I believe the LESS combined without including Bootstrap's Less and just my own custom one should be around 12,000 or so with about 2,000~ lines of code thats commented and commented out.

    I've started on a theme I will release for the community but I can't give an ETA on this because I am hammered with other things at the moment. I am still learning everyday new things about NodeBB and how far I can push its limits which almost seem endless.