0.5.1 installation problem...

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  • I did the following to install 0.5.1 from scratch (i also did flushall on my local redis)

    git clone https://github.com/NodeBB/NodeBB.git nodebb
    cd nodebb
    git checkout 0.5.1
    ./nodebb upgrade (****** it seems working well except never finish..)
    ./nodebb start

    goto localhost:4567 the home page show up with 12 categroies
    however when i try to login as administrator.... the login never return....

    (I can register as new user, no problem...)

    Thanks for help.

  • The 0.5.1 branch is unstable right now, so you'll have to wait for us to merge some more fixes in before you can continue testing 😄

    I'd prefer not to have broken branches at all, so we'll put a priority on merging some of the changes in.

  • @julian thanks. I can login as admin now after git pull today.

    I understand the sub-category is still working in progress. I am just wondering
    how it will looks like: for example: I have category hierarchy like: US --> California --> SF Bay area; and US --> California --> San Diego area.

    when user navigate to California category page, will the user see all the subcategories link list (like "SF Bay area", and "San Diego area") , and also see the posts to "Californa" category ?

    when user do a new post, when user select categories, will the drop-down menu show some tree-like hierarchy to allow user select a specific sub-category?

    seems it introduces a lot of complexity to the code base. we really appreciate you guys' great work to make this feature working.

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