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  • Hi!

    I just have installed nodebb and trying to modify theme.
    I found strange bug that makes modifying of theme useless.
    Here is step by step explanation on how to obtain it:

    1. fresh install (theme vanilla)
    2. At Admin panel - write "Site title" and checkbox "Show Title in Header" and press save button.
    3. Chose bootstrap theme at Admin - themes/skins
    4. Edit homo.tpl of vanilla theme - copy/past from classic theme to obtain "list design" of categories.
    5. restart NodeBB.

    What's happening next:

    • click on breadcrumb "home" - you will get default rectangular categories view and any changes at home.tpl is ignored.
      You will get the same result when clicking on Site Title link (site title - NodeBB by default). After page reloading everything
      becomes normally - I can see my custom design.
    • trying to chose any category on home page - goes inside it - the same thins - I see default design and after page refreshing it becomes custom.

    What you advise to do?

  • [Solved] Clear browser cache.

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