Copying redis DB and nodeBB config to a new install

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  • I apologize for not searching for something on this topic (if it exists) before posting, but I'm a little pressed for time at the moment.

    I have NodeBB installed and running on an Ubunto VM but it's on a physical system that I use for development and frequent daily use and it gets rebooted for updates, etc. pretty frequently. I'm planning to move this to a separate machine, but I want to use a different hypervisor than the one I am currently using to run the Ubuntu VM. The easiest way for me to accomplish this is to install a fresh copy of Ubuntu on a new VM on the new hypervisor on the new physical machine. So what are the appropriate steps to take to copy the nodeBB instance I have to a new machine (including plugins and configuration, if possible)?

    If this is documented, a link to the documentation will suffice. Thanks in advance for your answers.

  • Anyone? Do I just need to make a backup of the Redis dump file?

  • @Shaun Sorry we missed this 😄

    Just copy the .rdb file from one machine to the next. Make sure redis is offline on the new machine, or else when you restart Redis, it'll just overwrite the db on-disk.

    Also the stuff in public/uploads, if any (user avatars, etc)

    You'll also need to run ./nodebb setup on the new machine, to install the dependencies and auto-create a config file.

  • Thanks, @julian. I just finished the hardware migration of these VMs and I want to move them to a more stable hypervisor/host than my former Windows 7 desktop with VMWare workstation, so this is timely advice.

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