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    Seeing that tags can now be customized to be unique (background and color) I think this a logical expand of their function.
    The idea is to choose from ACP tags and link them to categories.
    I give an example :
    Plugins category.

    • question.
    • request.
    • plugin.

    This could be tags linked to this category, showing them on top of the topic list could be used as filters to only see a certain type of post represented by the tag.
    I think the best option would be to allow from ACP to choose for a category the representative tags and why not to create one if not existing.
    We could imagine that then the composer have a special input with tags linked to this category and a dropdown to choose from the actual tags.

    I think this could be a very nice feature to add some organization and it could respond to a lot of use cases.
    What do you think about it ?
    I'll open an issue linked to this topic.

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    Just for cross-reference:

    I think I agree with the idea and that it would be useful although I don't see ourselves prioritizing this feature for the next major version at least.

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