Do you guys need more programmers?

NodeBB Development
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    Been programming for 10+ years. Just trying to learn and help out.

    Just 2 suggestions I have for now. That we change the page #'s up above to something like 1-7 out of 273....if items 1-7 are on the page.

    Also...there is some blinking going on...on some of the pages. This is kind of annoying.

    Also the post area doesnt close sometime when you bring it up, but then you navigate to another page.

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    Hey @TasteOfPower welcome to NodeBB! The whole thing is open source so you just need a GitHub account to be able to contribute 🙂

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    Totally, the more the merrier 🙂 In the end we're just a community helping each other build something cool and free to use

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