• Hey,

    here is a little plugin I'd like to share. Feedbacks, if any, are welcome.

    See it on Github.


    Allows users to randomly display one item from a set defined in their signature.


    npm install nodebb-plugin-shuffle-signature

    How to

    In signatures, a special shuffle block can be used.
    This will randomly displays one item from a defined set.
    There can be multiple shuffle blocks.

    A shuffle block is defined with 2 sets of parentheses.
    The first one being either (shuffle) or (!), the second one containing the list of items.
    An item is defined inside square brackets ([item 1] [item 2]).

    Image links will be automatically converted to an html image element <img src="myLink" alt="image">.


    Simple case

    My random quote of the day:
    (shuffle)([My first random quote] [My second random quote])

    will be randomly parsed to

    My random quote of the day:  
    My second random quote


    My random quote of the day:  
    My first random quote 

    Complex case

    Random picture:
    [My first caption:
    [My second caption:
    Random quote:
    [My first random quote]
    [My second random quote]

    can gives

    Random picture:
    My second caption:
    <img src="http://my.second/picture.png" alt="image">
    Random quote:
    My first random quote

    Note that the image link has been automatically converted to an img element.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Noticed this popped up on Google last night. Looks great! 🙂

  • Great work, @Xevious!

    Now I can express my different kinds of stupidity randomly in a single signature! 🍛

  • Awesome stuff @Xevious! Love the idea of mixed static & dynamic signature ability! 👍

  • @Kayimi In before @julian installs it here and randomly changes my referral code to his. 😆

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @a_5mith what a great idea!

  • T'es un génie 🙂
    Awesome stuff mate.

  • Haha, thanks guys.
    I've added the github link in the first post.

  • This is awesome. Allows for enhanced expression, but without the clutter.

  • Admin

    👍 as I said on Github, pretty cool 🙂

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