How are things about importers?

  • Hey,

    Came across nodebb and following things quite a while now. Haven't seen any importers so far. Nearly all forum system that came after other ones which had already occupied the place, grew enormously after they provided importers for nearly every other software out there. just tried some importers to switch from vBulletin to IPB and they are really working well these days.

    Now as we are still not sure what system to switch to... how about switching to nodeBB? will there be any importers in the near future? anything in sight?


  • @helmi The import process is done using just one plugin, the bulk of the work is transferring the data from MySQL database into a format that NodeBB can read and import. Currently, users have made data exporters for SMF, vBulletin, phpbb and UBB.

    Taking one of those plugins and transforming it to work with another forum software is quite simple, but we couldn't make it without knowing what the table names are. If you have the ability to supply the database, then I see no reason why we couldn't make the exporter for that software, however, prior warning, it's not a one step process like most php script based exporters, it does require a fair amount of commands in terminal, and you can't transfer passwords.

  • Hey @a5_mith - thanks for jumping in. Thats good news basically as we are trying to export from a vBulletin forum so most of the things should be all set.

    Is there any link where i can find out more about these exporters?

    I don't care too much about extra work and basically moving a 10k users/100k posts forum is never a one click job. As i said we already tested an export to IPB and that ran quite well but also took some time and effort. I'm safe on the command line so no problems to be expected here.

    Maybe i'll just give it a try installing nodeBB and doing a test import to see how things run.

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