• Never seen this one before, woke up this morning, sites not accessible, I can access the server through putty, but the actual site is giving a 504 gateway timeout, then a 502 when I stop the site, so seems an issue with the nodebb config itself for some unknown reason.

  • @a_5mith So turns out it was because the Discogs API is down, which was causing mine to go down with it. Disabling that plugin worked. Big question now is what do I add to my plugin so that if any of the APIs I connect to fails, it doesn't 504 the site. So it just skips the rest of the steps if there's an error. (There is error checking for !200 err) but that didn't seem to help, as it didn't respond at all.

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    Hm... the "request" module also contains a timeout option, which might help... not sure if it is set by default.

  • @julian Doesn't appear to be. 😆

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