NodeBB vs webfaction

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  • Hey guys!
    Has anyone installed NodeBB on webfaction shared hosting?

  • I haven't personally, but I looked it up and I don't think you will have too much trouble. Let us know if you do have any problems - and if you got it working please consider contributing to the wiki/guides 🙂

  • Yeah, looks like Webfaction gives you SSH root access, so that's really the largest barrier to entry. As long as you can install the prerequisites (nodejs, redis, imagemagick, etc), you should be good to go

  • @george-paraschiv

    Do you need hosting for a production NodeBB or one for just testing and stuff like that? I could probably provide you with both, I've got unused resources that I could allocate for you. But I think for this I can only allocate 1 CPU and 4 threads, 2048MB mem and 100GB HDD space. But if you contact me with more details it will be easier to tailor the box.

    Fire off a message with details and I'll help you out, I can be reached at


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